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Branding your business shouldn't be stressful. Let's streamline your look, workflow, and strategy so you can get back to doing the things you love the most.

It's not just a logo. It's a business overhaul.

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Hi I'm Steph

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Art Direction

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Social Media Content

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Hi I'm Steph

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Art Direction

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I help really bad ass people with small businesses fall absolutely in love with their brands and systems.

It’s hard sometimes to wrap your head around how you want your business to look and feel. I’m here to help get rid of the stress of trying to design a logo AND manage your social media AND figure out how to book clients and provide the best experience you can.

It's also hard to take a deep dive into your pain points, systems and workflows when you don't have the time, energy, or experience. I want to help so that booking and working with your clients is a breeze. The services I provide go beyond branding. It's a business overhaul.

I’ll take care of it so you can love your work and focus on what you do best. I got you, boo.


Art Director
Brand Strategist
Social Media
Content Creator

15 years
A rotating gif of various design projects


Full branding
Web content + SEO
Social content
Systems + workflow revamp

Listen, you're going to get more than just a pretty logo. This is a business overhaul.

You can't just give your business a trendy logo or new website and expect everything else to fall into place. That's why my services go beyond branding.

In order for your business to really get the revamp it deserves, we're going to look at EVERYTHING, including your:

Logo and branding
Website and social media content
Systems and workflows
Client experience
Forms and templates
Pain points and marketing efforts

I want running your business to be easy and look good. That's why I help provide it all.

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Steph was a DREAM! We clicked immediately. I graduated with a degree in PR, but struggled to develop my own brand identity. Sharing my ideas with Steph and watching as she brought them all to life was the coolest process. I always had trouble articulating what I wanted our brand to be, but Steph understood exactly what I had been trying to convey and was so easy to communicate with. She helped us solidify our brand, giving us clarity and direction that was lacking before. By giving our brand a cohesive look that mirrors our core values, I have so much more confidence marketing to my ideal clients and manifesting new goals.

Carleigh Powell

Owner, The Powells

Shout out to the light worker Steph Smith who helped me break out of a corporate headshot rut. She is a total joy to work with and has a singular honest and wise perspective on photography, branding, art and beyond.

Whitney Romanoff

Owner, Meet West Studio

When we reached out to Steph, our visual branding and website just didn’t reflect the progress we had made in our business. We are SO THANKFUL we decided to trust and invest in her for our branding and website design! She genuinely cared about us and our brand. We underestimated the value of an unbiased outsider’s perspective. We had so many ideas of which direction we wanted our brand to go. Not only was Steph able to help us organize our thoughts, but she also pulled branding desires out of us that we didn’t know existed. We can now move forward in our business with confidence, identity, and purpose!

Cameron Spencer

Owner, Cameron & Elizabeth Photography


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